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Offense Classes in Michigan (With minimum sentencing guideline ranges)

Note: Anything over a year is prison, and anything less is jail. Also, it is extremely unlikely that the low end would be met on any offense higher than a Class E felony. Finally, Habitual offender status may impact the guidelines below. This is merely to give you a basic understanding of the offense classes in Michigan. Offense Classes: Class M2 Felony Example: 2nd Degree Murder Sentencing Minimum: 90-150 months, or 7.5-12.5 years on the low end. Maximum: Life. Class A Felony Example Assault with a deadly weapon with the INTENT to rob, steal, or kidnap. Sentencing Minimum: 21-35 months, or 1.75 years to 2.91 years on the low end. Maximum: Life. Class B Felony Example Production of child por



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